As an ‘embedded reporter’ I want to report on my daily life through cityscapes, (group) portraits, interiors and still lifes.The detailed registration of my memories is important to me.

The devil is in the detail or is it God? Although sometimes something may seem simple at first glance, on closer inspection it often has several layers and meanings. My works are like a diary or photo album to record my memories of locations, moments and events that often take place in art circles.The documentation of the art world and the events is easily recognizable to insiders in my work.The work is neither a glorification nor a criticism, only a registration.The interpretation is up to the viewer.

Sometimes my works refer to art history and sometimes I record what I see in my immediate environment. I have tried to break the rules and customs that I have imposed on myself and which have made me feel limited. Drawings show what inspires me; works by other artists, exhibitions, art fairs, books and even my own older work. In a few drawings I portray myself sitting in front of a blank sheet, the Tabula rasa. On the desk are books, magazines, flyers, my earlier work and a MacBook all of which were previously depicted in other drawings.This creates a quirky semiotic universe of (pictorial) elements that interlock, refer to each other, and generate new meanings.