The third leg of the touring exhibition:

'A drawback'

Took place at Quartair from 05-4-2014 till 27-4-2014

The title “ A drawback refers to the disadvantaged position that drawing has had for a long time. It was a drawback as an artist to make drawings because it was taken less seriously than other forms of visual art. It was mainly considered for prilimary study, sketch, illustration, or as a brainstorming medium.
With this exhibition we want to emphasize that this is incorrect.
In the Netherlands, the art of drawing has greatly emancipated in recent years to become a mature medium.A new generation of young artists has risen that explicitly focuses on drawing.
They do not focus on the technique and craft, but on the expressiveness and meaning of the image.The imagery used is a contemporary, the content of the work is central and thus drawing provides a place in the discourse of contemporary modern art.

A drawback is committed to artists for who drawing is an integral part of their professional practice and for whom the meaning of the image is decisive.A strong content, personal imagery, innovative and relevant work that can move the audience all this legitimizes the use of drawing and therein lies the true and innovative power of the medium.

The artists chosen for A drawback draw in many different ways. Not only are almost all possible techniques represented, but also thematically, there is a whole range
of subjects. However, when one looks at the exhibition as a whole patterns can be recognized.

They are all contemporary artists from different countries and of different ages.What unites them is a passion for drawing.

The work of the artists chosen range from very realistic to very free. But they are all representatives of figurative, narrative imagery.This seems to be an emerging trend in contemporary drawing. In recent years, the principle of storytelling has become a central form of communication, also in other areas of social life.

Our exhibition focuses on this important art movement and presents the work of international artists, which are among the most interesting exponents of this narrative way of drawing.Various forms of storytelling are shown to illustrate the capabilities
of this artistic position.This can be in a single image or in a series.Which sometimes make use of text.A successful example is Marcel van Eeden who has been making series of narrative drawings that tell a complex story. Fact and fiction constantly

blur together. Sebastiaan Schlicher and Nathan Menglesis too make use of text, but with them a single drawing them tells many stories.The work of Witte Wartena is also often serial, but the work can also be seen in isolation.The texts on outdoor advertising in his cityscapes grab your attention. In group portraits are hidden stories. We look at the moment when watching becomes reading and reading is done by taking a look. Precisely this twilight zone intrigues us.

The representation of the human figure plays a major role.The implicit narrative research of how contemporary artists explore personal and cultural stories.

By examining topics such as fame, sex, political affiliation and anonymity artists invite viewers to draw their own conclutions and examine their own relationships with these different identities.
The focus of the viewer is directed to the meaning of facial expressions, body language and clothing to decipher what is being presented.Who are these people, or rather, what they represent? Iris van Dongen and Fiona Michie make dramatic, layered drawings that are dominated by women: monumental and mysterious.With pastel and charcoal they evoke a dark environment with beautiful heroines.

Being a traveling exhibition on the composition of the selected artists may vary per city. In every town where the exhibition takes place new, local artists are invited and some drop off.The work shown is different every time. Many of the artists have lived in multiple of the host cities.



Samantha Rees
Samantha Rees
Shanty Town, 2014, pencil and pastel, 160 x 183 cm
Invisible Signs, 2014, pencil and pastel, 70 x 100 cm
Dionisis Kavalieratos
Robinsons Crusoes, 2013, pencil on paper, 55 x 70 cm

Arno Kramer
Sara Bomans
Arno Kramer
Untitled, 2014, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and collage 43 x 51,6 cm

Sara Bomans
projected life, 2011, Pencil on mixed-media/paper
 (Drawings #12,14,15,16,17,18,22,26,29) 12 x 15 cm
 (Drawings # 30,42,46,48,49) 15 x 20 cm

The drawings in this exhibition are collaborative works with Remco Roes and Hallveig Ágústsdóttir

Nathan Menglesis Fiona Michie
Nathan Menglesis
Faces of death, 2013, graphite ink charcoal, 150  x 80 cm
Total offer - 2011 – 70 x 100cm
sketchbook pages:
Fiona Michie
Annabel, , 2013, charcoal on paper, 75 x 75 cm
Luna, 2013, charcoal on paper, 64 x 45 cm

Marcel van Eeden Sebastiaan Schlicher
Marcel van Eeden
3 appearances" ,2010,  series of four drawings,
black chalk on paper. 19 x 28 cm

Sebastiaan Schlicher
Fear and lothing, 2013, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 65 x 50 cm 
Wahaha, 2013, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 65 x 50 cm
Bullshitism, 2013, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 65 x 50 cm
Horny money, 2013, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 65 x 50 cm,
Frigide cosmetic scheisse, 2013, felt-tip pen and pencil, 65 x 50 cm
Happy motherfuckers, 2013, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 65 x 50 cm

The drawings in this exhibition are collaborative works with
Michiel ten Bokum.

Robin Withmore
Iris van Dongen
Untitled, 2013, Oil on panel, 61 x 45,5 cm

Robin Whitmore
Naket objects, 2014, Pen and ink, 30 x 40 cm
Jay Isaacs Witte Wartena
Untitled, 2013, Acrylic and chalk pastel on paper bag, 34,6 x 50 cm
Untitled, 2011, marker on paper, 21,6 x 27,9
Untitled, marker on paper 16,5 x 17,8 cm
Witte Warena
Akihabara series
ZIN, 2014, watercolour felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 30 x 40 cm
Nanoha, 2014, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 30 x 40 cm
ED­N, 2014, watercolour felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 30 x 40 cm
  Michael Kirkham  
  Michael Kirkham
Untitled, 2014, Graphite on paper 100 x 70 cm
Untitled, 2014, Graphite on paper 59,4 x 42 cm



Sara Bomans, Belgium
Iris van Dongen, The Netherlands  
Marcel van Eeden, The Netherlands
Jay Isaacs, Canada
Dionisis Kavalieratos, Greece  
Michael Kirkham, England  
Arno Kramer, The Netherlands  
Nathan Menglesis, USA
Fiona Michie, Scotland
Samantha Rees, Canada  
Sebastiaan Schlicher, The Netherlands
Witte Wartena, The Netherlands
Robin Whitmore, England

See more images of the show here and here


In 2010 'A drawback' was part of

In 2011 'A drawback' was held at Attelierhof Kreuzberg Berlin