Camiel Andriessen (NL), Cees Andriessen (NL), Fritz Best (GB), Jan Brokof (DE),
Anatoli Budjko (BY), Frédéric Coché (FR), Anuli Croon (NL), Frank Eissner (DE),
Hadassah Emmerich (NL), B.C. Epker (NL), Philip Grözinger (DE), Philipp Hennevogl (DE),
Toshifumi Hirose (JP), Leon Janssen (NL), Katharina Kranichfeld (DE), Irini Mavromatidou (DE),
Inez Odijk (NL), Jos de l'Orme (NL), Vanessa Jane Phaff (GB), Uwe Poth (DE),
Wouter van Riessen (NL), Arnaud Rochard (FR), Henning Rosenbrock (DE),
Kai Spade (DE), Rob Voerman (NL), Witte Wartena (NL), Uta Zaumseil (DE)

This time Perennial Art organizes an exhibition revealing the revival of print. For many years the world of prints was dominated by the interest in technique.Therefore it lost contact with the content and the development of modern art. In recent times we can clearly see a shift and a reversal: all of a sudden the scene broadens, the content rises and a lot of young artist have jumped into the medium. Print images flourish, they are awake and confident, evolve, they matter, reflect, breath, bite, spit and are alive. Just as several years ago the medium ‘drawing’ emancipated itself from an underestimated medium into an autonomous one. Now is the time for prints.This is not just wishful thinking and it is the aim of this exhibition to proof that! A broad variety of good international artists will be shown, from all over - but with a focus on the Netherlands and Germany.Works shown will be made with a wide variety of techniques like; linocut, etching, drypoint, woodcut, silkscreen, monotype, lithography, and so on; in colour as well as in black and white; and not just two dimensional images but also even exciting three-dimensional artworks. “EinDruck Ausstellung” is a exhibition, displaying works from artists that share a passion for prints.


Irini Mavromatidou Kai Spade
Wouter van Riessen Toshifumi Hirose
Camiel Andriessen Jos de l'Orme
Fritz Best

Frank Eißner Uta Zaumseil
Anatoli Budjko Frédéric Coché
Inez Odijk Cees Andriessen
Anuli Croon Katharina Kranichfeld
Hadassah Emmerich Rob Voerman
Witte Wartena  
Uwe Poth
Jan Brokof Henning Rosenbrock
Vanessa Jane Phaff
Philip Grözinger  
Philipp Hennevogl B.C. Epker

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