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10 Year Perennial Art

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Perennial Art was founded in 2009, and has organised at least one exhibitions every year since then. Perennials first group show was at Sierra Metro Gallery, in Edinburgh. Other shows have been realised in Amsterdam, Berlin, Den Haag, Leipzig, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Perennial does not have a space of their own and host their shows in other peoples venues. Exhibitions have been held in church halls, restaurants, apartments, artists studios as well as proper galleries and project spaces. Many of the exhibitions have been travelling to different counties under the same name, but with slight adjustments to the configuration of the artists and new work. Doing this enabled us to introduce our work to more wider and international audiences. All shows are made up out of an international group of artists from different stages in their careers.
On the occasion of our ten year anniversary we organised this exhibition with some of the artists we have worked with before.